1 April-31 December 2021
Francesco VELENO
General Manager Italy, FeedbackNow by Forrester

About me


Born in Campobasso in 1974, Francesco Veleno gets his Master Degree in Automotive Engineering at Pisa University.

He starts his career in the Purchasing and Quality Departments of the FIAT Group between Paris and Turin. In 2005 he moves to Lausanne, and serves as EMEA Customer Care Senior Manager at Bvlgari. In 2013, Francesco follows his wife in New York, where he joins Assouline, the luxury company on culture and lifestyle, as Global Retail & Franchisee Director. Back in Switzerland, he follows several projects on Retail and Customer Service as consultant. In 2021, Francesco becomes the official Italian distributor of FeedbackNow by Forrester. Since 2020, he is the FeedbackNow Sales Manager for Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Southerneast European countries.

Francesco speaks English, French and Spanish fluently, has 2 children and is an oldtimer cars collector.

About FeedbackNow by Forrester:
FeedbackNow by Forrester is the worldwide leader of the instant-feedback solutions, and offers an innovative methodology to monitor and measure Customer’s satisfaction in real-time, in order to achieve daily excellence in service throughout the continuous improvement process.
Therefore, FeedbackNow by Forrester is the ideal solution for all those businesses that have customers and employees satisfaction as primary objective.

The equipment is touchless, wireless, autonomous and provides real-time information and high response rate. The feedback is intuitive, on-the-spot, and anonymous for sake of the customer’s privacy.
The real-time results allow the operational teams to immediately react to daily issues. In parallel, the automatically generated reports are key for long-term strategic action plans.

FeedbackNow by Forrester is committed to support its clients to achieve a tangible improvement in service, and to share its long lasting international experience in different industries. Today, the FeedbackNow solution is successfully implemented in several leading global companies in Retail, Food, Transportation, Hospitality, Hospitals, Events, Public Offices, etc.

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” Lord W. T. Kelvin

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General Manager Italy

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