1 April-31 December 2021
Niccolò SUARDI
Head of High Street Retail Italy & EMEA Retail Core Team Member, COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL ITALIA S.P.A.

About me


Professional with over 10 years-experience in the Real Estate Services, after having worked in various local companies, I joined World Capital Group in 2013 covering various roles including Head of Advisory, managing
the Letting & Investment team. In 2016 I moved to the BNP Paribas Group, initially as a Senior consultant in the Office Department, and then receiving a mandate for the launch of the local unit dedicated to Retail. I also
contributed to the development of the Pan-European platform by creating a channel dedicated to the High Street segment and strong synergies with the major Italian brands. In recent years I have consolidated my position by focusing on the Luxury and Premium world, managing significant operations, including those of international importance.

About the company:
Colliers (NASDAQ, TSX: CIGI) è una società leader nei servizi professionali diversificati e nella gestione degli investimenti. Attivi in 67 Paesi, i nostri oltre 15.000 ambiziosi professionisti collaborano per fornire una consulenza esperta a inquilini, proprietari e investitori immobiliari. Per oltre 25 anni la nostra abile dirigenza, che detiene quote significative di proprietà insider, ha permesso agli azionisti di ottenere rendimenti annui compositi sugli investimenti pari a quasi il 20%. Con un fatturato annuo di 3,0 miliardi di USD (3,3 miliardi di USD, includendo le imprese affiliate) e 40 miliardi di USD di patrimonio totale gestito, massimizziamo il potenziale degli immobili e acceleriamo il successo dei nostri clienti e del nostro personale.

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Head of High Street Retail Italy & EMEA Retail Core Team Member

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Retail Director / Head





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Children's Fashion;Clearance Clothes Stores;Jewelry & Watches;Leather Goods, Luggage, Bags;Lingerie & Underwear;Luxury Goods;Maternity Fashion & Childcare;Men's Fashion;Shoes;Wedding Dresses & Suits;Women's Fashion;Beauty Products, Perfume & Drugstore;Beauty and Nails Salon;Hair Salon;Superstores/Hypermarkets;Supermarkets & Neighbourhood stores;Decoration and Interior Design;DIY Stores - Tools;Furniture, Bedding and Lighting;Kitchens & Bathrooms;Kitchenware & Culinary Arts;Cars and motorcycles - retail & repair;Express services - keys, shoe repair, printing, photography, screens;IT, software & equipment;Bank/ATM/Currency change;Conciergerie Services;Medical services;Other utilities & people services stores;Books, Press & Stationery;Gifts and gadgets;Musical Equipment;Telephones, Multimedia, Photo & Video;Toys;Bakery & Pastry;Chocolate & Confectionery;Deli Foods, Regional Products;Health Foods, Natural & Organic Foods;Wine & Spirits;Tea & Coffee;Sportswear and Sports Equipment Stores;Bar , Wine Bar or Pubs;Healty /Organic Food Restaurants;Cafeterias & Coffee shops;Fast Food & Sandwiches;Casual Dining Restaurants;Food to Go;Gelaterias;Pizzerias;Food Markets / Food Halls;Specialty Restaurants (Pasta, fish, avocado…);Regional Food Restaurants (Asian, Italian …);Themed restaurants;Other restaurants & catering;FEC (Multiactivity, edutainment, themed, play center,…);Active Entertainment (sports, bowling, skydiving, golf…);Immersive experiences (VR, escape rooms, simulators,...);Cinema;Live events & space activation;Other leisure operators;Amusement parcs (waterparcs, theme parcs, zoos…);Karaoke;Arcade games;Wellness (Spa, Sauna, Hammam, Massage);Arts & Culture (museum, science centers, exhibition…);Children's Fashion; Clearance Clothes Stores; Jewelry & Watches; Leather Goods, Luggage, Bags; Lingerie & Underwear; Luxury Goods; Maternity Fashion & Childcare; Men' Shoes; Wedding Dresses & Suits; Women' Beauty Products, Perfume & Drugstore; Beauty and Nails Salon; Hair Salon; Superstores/Hypermarkets; Supermarkets & Neighbourhood stores; Decoration and Interior Design; DIY Stores - Tools; Furniture, Bedding and Lighting; Kitchens & Bathrooms; Kitchenware & Culinary Arts; Cars and motorcycles - retail & repair; Express services - keys, shoe repair, printing, photography, screens; IT, software & equipment; Bank/ATM/Currency change; Conciergerie Services; Medical services; Other utilities & people services stores; Books, Press & Stationery; Gifts and gadgets; Musical Equipment; Telephones, Multimedia, Photo & Video; Toys; Bakery & Pastry; Chocolate & Confectionery; Deli Foods, Regional Products; Health Foods, Natural & Organic Foods; Wine & Spirits; Tea & Coffee; Sportswear and Sports Equipment Stores; Bar , Wine Bar or Pubs; Healty /Organic Food Restaurants; Cafeterias & Coffee shops; Fast Food & Sandwiches; Casual Dining Restaurants; Food to Go; Gelaterias; Pizzerias; Food Markets / Food Halls; Specialty Restaurants (Pasta, fish, avocado…); Regional Food Restaurants (Asian, Italian …); Themed restaurants; Other restaurants & catering; FEC (Multiactivity, edutainment, themed, play center,…); Active Entertainment (sports, bowling, skydiving, golf…); Immersive experiences (VR, escape rooms, simulators,...); Cinema; Live events & space activation; Other leisure operators; Amusement parcs (waterparcs, theme parcs, zoos…); Karaoke; Arcade games; Wellness (Spa, Sauna, Hammam, Massage); Arts & Culture (museum, science centers, exhibition…)



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