1 April-31 December 2021
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/ 17 Jun, 2021
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Fashion for Humans - Identity, technology and new needs: fashion retail at the service of people

Why did we decide to talk about fashion retail?

We did so because it is clear that the fashion industry has been one of the hardest hit in recent months and because we believe it is the sector with the greatest need to respond to the change imposed by the pandemic, which is a change that will stay and that will shape lifestyles, and therefore style.

We believe we have developed a method, a recipe to understand how fashion stores can (and should) become, in order to be increasingly welcoming and tailored to the future customer experience.

We believe that, with increasingly precise algorithms and increasingly accurate profiling, an increasingly satisfying experience from a human point of view must prevail, with the physical store as a privileged scenario.

We strongly believe that shops still have a great deal to communicate and a new role to play, provided they succeed in transforming themselves, becoming a new physical/digital mix, “reinventing” logistics and taking it (also) as a communication opportunity.

And since we are great supporters of establishing contact between people, we invite you, after reading our contribution, to have a chat with us, because we believe that retail has a great future if it is and stays Humane.
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